The powerful SWIFT network
at your fingertips

At SALECAPITAL, we design all our solutions with digitization, integration and extensibility in mind. We know that in the face of dynamic challenges and an ever-changing, competitive business climate, you need to be resourceful and quick on your feet. Anything other than agile, interconnected solutions will trip you up. To achieve this, we connect our solutions to the most powerful and most versatile partners and networks wherever we can. In doing so, we go all out to unlock potential and find solutions before you even know you need them. So when you do, we are ready, so you can be ready!

One of our most potent, pioneering partner solutions: the BELLIN SWIFT Service – a success story like no other that has revolutionized banking communication for corporates of all sizes!

The BELLIN SWIFT Service, developed in collaboration with SWIFT back in 2013 as an industry first, is fully integrated into our tm5 software and enables organizations to obtain their own SWIFT BIC to become a Standard Corporate Environment (SCORE) member and gain access to the SWIFT Network. This opens up communication with countless banks all around the globe that are also members of the Network. The potential is enormous: payments, account statements, matching, and even trade finance, all directly integrated into your system and at your fingertips! Setup is easy. SALECAPITAL in partnership with BELLIN organizes your BIC and installs the connection to SWIFT. We take care of the entire onboarding process and the configuration – no need for extra software, no need for third-party intervention, no eating up of IT resources.

What’s in it for you?
  • Central port of call in SALECAPITAL for any SWIFT-related questions
  • Reliable and easy-to-understand pricing (centralized billing)
  • Direct communication with all banks from tm5
  • Low cost and high extensibility
  • Single point of entry to a comprehensive, worldwide network
  • Fully integrated single or bulk payments worldwide
  • Electronic bank statement collection
  • Electronic letters of credit and guarantee processing in the system
  • Digital exchange of matching confirmations via SWIFT
  • Bank-independence in cash management and payments
  • Standardization of file formats