FX, commodity &
IR exposure management

Components required for FX, commodity and interest rate risk management

  • TTContract
  • Treasury transaction management

Manage, document and evaluate all treasury transactions with banks or group companies, enabling centralized FX, interest, and commodity dealings, reducing corporate group exposure.

  • TTDealing
  • Intercompany trading platform

Trade between subsidiaries or outside parties with an integrated bid/ask system. Optimize internal lines of credit, FX or interest deals.

  • TTGuarantee
  • Manage all guarantees
  • Electronically request internal or bank guarantees and receive confirmations.
  • TTRiskwatch
  • Mathematical analysis of financial risk

Analyze interest and currency rate changes, fluctuations in commodity values and the impact that these changes have on your cash flows.

Advantages of FX, commodity and interest rate
exposure management in tm5

  • Calculate optimal risk profiles in line with FX and IR
  • Determine value at risk
  • Analyze currency sensitivities
  • Find overlaps between commodity risks and hedging opportunities