In-house banking

In-house banking brings your corporation a host of advantages, from centralizing your group-wide payment processes, with Payments/Receivables on Behalf of (POBO/ROBO) or cash pooling, to simplification of account structures and efficient funding. It enables you to consolidate your subsidiary exposures and reduces the need for external trades.

However, in-house banking often requires massive administration and laborious centralization. tm5’s unique take on in-house banking streamlines this by allowing subsidiary trade requests to central treasury to be initiated, negotiated and captured directly within the system. Intercompany deals are tracked in full detail, facilitating the process of intercompany trade management, while preserving integrity of intercompany trade data for both the subsidiary and the in-house bank. Benefit from an efficient intercompany account setup to track cash pool transactions automatically. With tm5, you take your in-house banking to the next level without the administrative nightmare.

Payments on Behalf of

With every group company integrated into the in-house bank, Payments on Behalf of becomes simple. Local subsidiary payments can be easily routed through central treasury to reduce the number of bank accounts required, limit FX risk and enable all transactions to be processed smoothly.

Full visibility of cash positions

Enable your subsidiaries to track their cash position using fully automated processes. Use bank or intercompany accounts to settle internal deals, make intercompany payments and settle your netting results directly within one system.

Internal trading platform

Our web-based, no-per-user-fee system lets you integrate all subsidiaries. Your in-house bank clients apply for hedging or funding through a fully integrated intercompany trading platform and the IHB trades externally, monitors intercompany limits and keeps on top of all internal trades.

Advantages of in-house banking in tm5

  • Group-wide, mobile and real-time financial status of all members of your corporate group.
  • Cash flow transparency and visibility across all subsidiaries.
  • Direct access to all relevant IHB client data – saving you time and giving the clients real-time information.
  • Straightforward POBO process with the IHB in control of all bank accounts but IHB clients signing their payments.
  • Unrivaled visibility into your long- and short-term cash positions.
  • Efficient back-to-back hedging.
  • Cash pooling and centralized FX buys, limiting exposures.
  • Centralize the exposures of your IHB clients to keep external trades to a minimum.
  • Easily manage virtual intercompany accounts.
  • Profit by settling intercompany trades and netting payments directly on your virtual accounts.

How to achieve optimized in-house banking


Cover the in-house banking basics

Cash pool tracking, intercompany transactions, ROBO


Extend your in-house bank setup

POBO and centralized payments



Treasury transaction management

Manage, document and evaluate all treasury transactions
with banks or group companies


Extend your in-house bank setup

IC trading (funding and hedging), settlement of IC deals on IC accounts

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