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Treasury evolution
a step at a time.

The South African financial market, in particular the foreign exchange aspect thereof, is unique in that the regulatory and statutory aspects thereof impose limits
to the flow of foreign funds except within compliance of laws and regulations known as exchange controls.

This has created an opportunity for SALECAPITAL to offer a fully-fledged treasury service, with a deep understanding of the regulatory and administrative controls.

This combined with many years of banking as well as specialised finance Treasury skills means that a tailor made offering an be offered for client sunique needs.
These skills are combined in a Pan- African partnership with BELLIN, a German Treasury management company and their Treasury system called tm5. The system
is able to offer its technology in 7 different languages truly encompassing a global solution for companies.

With these combined set of skills and technology SALECAPITAL is exceptionally well positioned to offer the following Treasury solutions and consulting needs.

Treasury Consulting

Consulting Services. Tapping hundreds of years of combined treasury expertise.

Corporate treasury projects are as unique as the companies that initiate them. But no matter what the specific objectives to be pursued, the whole endeavour is always an exciting challenge.

tm5 Treasury Management System. Powering Treasury with strategic vision and network thinking.

When it comes to corporate finance, no two businesses are alike. As a corporate treasurer, you champion your organization’s unique mission while bracing the challenges and obstacles of a fast-paced, competitive and ever-changing economy. A journey that would be impossible without the right system support!

Treasury management Software



BELLIN SWIFT Service. The powerful SWIFT network at your fingertips.

At SALECAPITAL, we design all our solutions with digitization, integration and extensibility in mind. We know that in the face of dynamic challenges and an ever-changing, competitive business climate, you need to be resourceful and quick on your feet. Anything other than agile, interconnected solutions will trip you up.

Market Data. Global rates for global business.

In recent years, turbulent markets and an insecure and unstable political climate have been putting heavy pressure on corporates to have their eyes on the ball at all times, to be able to act in an instant, but also to subject their figures to thorough scrutiny to underpin long-term strategies and remain competitive.

Market DATA