tm5 Treasury
Management System

Powering Treasury with strategic
vision and network thinking

When it comes to corporate finance, no two businesses are alike. As a corporate treasurer, you champion your organization’s unique mission while bracing the challenges and obstacles of a fast-paced, competitive and ever-changing economy. A journey that would be impossible without the right system support!

What you need is a system that lets you fully embrace your company’s mission. Our treasury management system, tm5, enables you to manage your day-to-day responsibilities in line with your company’s profile but more importantly lends you the strategic insight and vision to keep you on track no matter what comes your way. This web-based, modular, fully integrated and easy-to-use system is all about global visibility, collaboration and security and covers all corporate treasury requirements, mobile and in real time.

The secret to efficiency, visibility and transparency? Sharing the load and getting everyone on board! tm5 encourages the distribution of workload and helps you connect every corner of your organization, giving you better data and enhanced functionality. This is what we call Load Balanced Treasury®. BELLIN is dedicated to empowering your treasury to base decisions on up-to-date, comprehensive and correct information. We see corporate finance as a team effort with the benefits of using our system extended to all the stakeholders of your organization – at no additional cost, thanks to a no-user-fee policy. Connect your group companies and balance the workload across complex networks with our Load Balanced Treasury approach: a global corporate treasury network that represents your key to increased transparency and efficiency, full visibility and reliable and comprehensive data.

You gain:
  • An intuitive and flexible system to match your organization
  • A fully integrated solution that meets all corporate treasury requirements
  • Strategic insight based on real-time, reliable data
  • Group-wide efficiency, visibility and transparency
  • Shared processes with a system that benefits everyone